Will You Be My Vampire Bride?

from by The Pink Skulls

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This is a longer version of Vampire Girl, after working on the music Jello Lugosi fell in with the song lengthened it and add new lyrics. The song has a real "Let The Right One In" feel to it. The feed back drenched tune takes a slow quiet build to a sonic landscape of intensity. I hope you like "Vampire Bride" as much as i do.


V01 –
Girl put your hand on my nose
& feel for yourself how bad it’s froze;
I can’t believe it gets this cold.
While I know that you call it home,
To me they’re drafty catacombs.
But at least I still got the warmth inside
From when you said you’d be my vampire bride.

V02 –
This town is just like where we came,
The spirits all sleepwalk the same,
These anguished ones who pace in shame.
With steamshovelfuls of secrets
Or those pissed off from violent deaths.
Though once you used to walk that restless night,
Now your heart rests with me, my vampire bride.

V03 –
This morning while I watched you sleep,
I thought of an Egyptian queen
& those mummified figurines
That servants placed inside a tomb
Around their goddess in the gloom
To keep her company as she vaporized
In digs more posh than this, my vampire bride.

V04 –
They called those wee things “shawabtis”
& pinned a note onto their sleeves
That read, “If by chance, the deceased
Is called upon to do a task
In the Afterlife, I’ve got his back.”
I like to think when I’m here by your side
I’m doing that same job, my vampire bride.

Coda –
I let my old dreams go for good,
I killed those lies right where they stood
& gave the slip to my old life
The day that you became my wife.
Now wherever you go’s my home too _____
I’ll brave the cold to be with you,
Here’s one more blanket for your feet,
I’ve barred the door & pulled the sheets
So the sun won’t touch your lovely skin,
I’ll guard the door ‘till night begins.
I’ll never lose this warmth inside
From that day you said “Yes” when I
Asked, “Will you be my vampire bride?”


from Mega Monster Madness, released October 31, 2010



all rights reserved


The Pink Skulls Boulder Hill, Illinois

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